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  Kinerase Scar Treatment Therapy
Scar Treatment

Kinerase Scar Treatment Therapy

Reduce the appearance of raised or red old and new scars in as little as 4 weeks

Kinerase® Scar Treatment Therapy is a concentrated, non-greasy silicone gel clinically shown to improve and reduce the appearance, color, roughness and discomfort of old and new scars. Both dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend this patent-pending complex for red or raised scars. Some of the common procedures that may lead to this type of scarring include: cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, general surgery, C-sections, accidents, burns, everyday cuts and scrapes. Its sheer, transparent formula contains the highest-grade silicone available, so it absorbs quickly with no residue. By forming a protective invisible barrier, it softens, flattens, and smoothes scars, while creating an ideal environment to normalize collagen production. Even with serious scarring, visible improvement can be seen in as little as 8 weeks.

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It forms a protective invisible barrier that softens, flattens, and smoothes scars, creating an ideal environment to normalize collagen.

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